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Raw material resources hidden in plastic flooring

Task-specific plastics in buildings and machines live longer than consumer plastics in packaging - but also lag behind in recycling rates. The leading producer Tarkett is fighting to turn things around.

A green performance at the opera

GöteborgsOperan (the Gothenburg Opera), sustainability is not just a fancy green backdrop, but the recurrent leitmotif - from the solar panels and beehives on the roof, to life cycle assessments of entire productions.

More renewable packaging for Swedish foodstuff

Packaging is responsible for 40 percent of the global plastic production. The food industry is now rapidly replacing fossil-based plastics with renewable and recycled solutions, and Carlsberg, Löfbergs and Arla are among the pioneers.

Rotor sails reduce emissions on the Baltic Sea

In the labyrinthic waterways between Sweden and Finland, the cruise ferries bounce back and forth through the archipelagos. But when it comes to technology development, it is full speed ahead for Viking Line: composite rotor sails, LNG fuel and heat power will make their new ferry the most climate efficient to date.

Dyeing the way it was meant to be: fibers instead of fabrics

We aRe SpinDye dyes synthetic fibres when the raw material is melted, eliminating the need to water dye finished fabrics. The approach saves water, chemicals and energy, and paves the way for a sustainability revolution of the textile industry.

The future of textiles

The textile industry is one of the world’s largest industries. The production of textiles...

Membranes replace old mercury technology

Stenungsund is the backbone of Swedish PVC production. The old mercury-based process is now replaced – a move that will save 20 percent energy, make the product cleaner, and reduce emissions to the sea.

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A nursery for next-generation plastics

With smart, chemical additives, plastics can be tailored to be more durable and more degradable at the same time. The first Nordic plastic industry is back on the leading edge.

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A new beginning for used plastic

Still, a mere six percent of new plastic products are made from recycled material. But the industry is doing a lot to turn the tide, and Rondo Plast in Ystad, Sweden, has a key position in the chain: right before the recovered plastic is turned into new components.

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The Swedish project Advantage Environment provides information about existing and future products designed to reduce environmental impacts.

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