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Responsible boat disposal

Sweden has 2,700 km of coastline, or about 8,000 km counting all the bays, inlets and islands....

It is always sunny in space

Solar power is becoming more competitive. Worldwide deployment is growing rapidly. In the future,...

Sustainable forklift batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used in consumer products and electric vehicles. The technology – maturing and becoming more competitive in price – is now becoming...

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Recycling is failure to reuse

Recycling is good – but if something is not broken, reuse is even better. That is the insight on which Off2off was founded. The company provides an intermediation service...

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Water treatment with iron powder

Porous iron powder is a functional high-tech material, capable of removing multiple contaminants from water and wastewater. Höganäs delivers complete solutions, both for treating...

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Wood protection inspired by nature

Sioo:x is the developer of a wood protection system based on silicate technology; a silica network penetrates the surface and provides a water-proof barrier within the wood...

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The Swedish project Advantage Environment provides information about existing and future products designed to reduce environmental impacts.


Cleantech Scandinavia
Cleantech Scandinavia is a membership network of investors and affiliated cleantech professionals.

offers risk capital, expertise and establishment support for investment in new growth markets in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe (non-EU).

Swedish Cleantech
is a website based on cooperation between government and industry and stakeholder associations, as well as regional environmental technology actors.

The Swedish trade and invest Council
Export of sustainable urban development, energy and environmental technology