The amount of energy used in the lifetime of a building depends largely on construction methods and materials. The property sector accounts for around 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in Sweden, and there is significant room for innovation in the building sector.

Digital plumber saves energy

Dunderon's smart, digital solution regulates the energy balance of buildings by measuring and analyzing the indoor climate continously. The technology can reduce energy consumption by 35 percent, without exchanging the heating system.

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Climate-efficient concrete building

Cement production has a substantial carbon footprint. A new method developed by FormConsult makes it possible to reduce the amount of cement in concrete by 20 percent. The innovation also increases the lifespan of the buildings.

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A new take on offshore energy

The interest in solutions to the world's energy and climate challenges are enormous. Within the EU, 300 million allowances for carbon dioxide emissions will be sold in the near future to create a financial foundation for a great and innovative investment in renewable energy.

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Swedish Sustainable Urban Development in China

“I feel we can take a little credit for the bluer sky of Beijing”, says Mark Ryberg, Manager of International Projects at Sweco, while looking out the windows of a hotel's restaurant. It is a clear June morning in Beijing.

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Water efficient washing of heavy vehicles

During the summer of 2017 articles from our growing archive will be republished. This one was first published in January 2013. “Access to clean water has become an increasingly important issue in many countries,” says Robert Sundell, President of Westmatic. “We have by far the most environmentally friendly systems available in the market for washing buses, trucks and trains....

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Dynamic glass adjusts to save energy

Air conditioning consumes a lot of energy. ChromoGenics develops energy-saving electrochromic solar protection, in the shape of a thin polymer foil between the windowpanes that adjusts its transparency dynamically. A low electrical voltage, which can be applied automatically or manually, changes the materials degree of shading.

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Lifts with little environmental impact

Hydroware develops energy-efficient lift systems and components. The company focuses on modular hydraulic lifts that can be modernized part by part, in order to minimize the life cycle environmental impact.

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Great potential for green chemistry in India

During the summer of 2016 articles from our growing archive will be republished. This one was first published in November 2013. Growth of bacteria in the water and on surfaces creates significant problems worldwide. This has resulted in different approaches to bacterial control, such as ozone treatment, irradiation with UV light, and the use of chemicals (biocides). The biocides...

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The Swedish project Advantage Environment provides information about existing and future products designed to reduce environmental impacts.


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