Biokleen develops biodegradable, water-soluble and biocide-free products for surface cleaning and maintenance, such as wood protection based on silicon dioxide.

”Our products are aimed at environmentally aware homeowners looking for a way to clean and protect their balconies, facades, roofs, awnings and so on. Our car cleaning systems are aimed at both professional car wash facilities and individuals”, says Robert Weber, CEO of Biokleen AB.

”The Green Chemistry concept is the common denominator of all our products. Many of them carry the Nordic Swan or the Bra Miljöval Ecolabel. We are now part of the company OrganoClick, where we make up the Green coatings & cleaning products business unit. OrganoClick is clearly environmentally profiled, and focuses on sustainable materials. This fits very well with Biokleen’s business idea”.

Silicone dioxide protects the wood

Wood impregnation with silicon dioxide gives a lasting effect without use of biocides. Photo: Biokleen.

”It is well known that silicon dioxide (SiO2) can be deposited in wood via natural processes, such as the one that gives rise to petrified forests. We utilize the same mechanisms. Silicate technology is an excellent way to protect balconies and other weather-exposed wood constructions. The first stage is to clean the pressure-impregnated floor decking with the BIOkleen®Tralltvätten product. It removes algae, black mold, soot and other kinds of dirt without doing damage to the wood”, Robert Weber says.

”In the second stage, silicate technology is employed to protect the wood. The BIOkleen® Trallskydd product permeates deeply into the wood, and forms solid silicate structures in the material. The result is a light and clean surface that is resistant to rot and fire. The product is water based and does not contain any biocides”.

”Finally, a water-based organic silicon emulsion is applied: the BIOkleen® Ytförsegling. This treatment seals the surface by forming a water-repellant barrier layer. The barrier protects the wood from UV light, but moist from the wood can evaporate through it. The result is a durable, light silver grey surface that repels water and requires a minimum of maintenance. No more annual oiling treatments!”, Robert says.

Facade cleaning

”Most homeowners eventually experience mold growth on the facade of the house. Soot, dirt and other air pollution also settle on the surface and contribute to a stained look. Many roofs are attacked by algae, moss, lichens and fungal growth, shortening their lifespan. Basically everything that is left outside is soon stained – white plastic garden furniture turn grey, awnings and boatcovers develop mold stains, and walls and fences become discoloured”.

Dirt, algae and fungal attacks cause problems for homeowners. Photo: Biokleen.

”There are many chemicals on the market for combating mold and algae, and for outdoor surface cleaning. Unfortunately, many of these are detrimental to the environment, the material or the user’s health. Our business concept is based on Green Chemistry, which means that Biokleen products as far as possible are biodegradable, water soluble and free from biocides. Even our product portfolio for professional customers contains efficient water-soluble products for degreasing and cleaning of heavy machinery, and these too carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel”.

”We sell our products through paint- and building suppliers, and we have more than 600 resellers in nine countries. We have recently signed general agreements with both Granngården and Ahlsell. The merger with OrganoClick allows us to move production in-house to our own facility. We will get economy of scale benefits in production, marketing and development – but, most importantly, both companies share the same view: that environmental advantage creates business advantage”, Robert Weber concludes.

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The article was published in October 2017.