Many companies have adopted a proactive approach to the environment, with the aim of utilizing natural resources more efficiently and reducing the environmental impact of production processes, transportation and products. From green chemistry to nanotechnology, any number of fields present opportunities for dramatic environmental improvements.

Efficient solar electricity from submarine engines

Ripasso Energy derives its technology from submarine engines developed by Kockums. Ripasso's systems generate electricity from concentrated solar power with world-record efficiency. The engines are hybrids, allowing various fuels to be used when the sun is not shining. And commercialization is underway.

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Wood ash-recycling completes the nutrient cycle

Forest biofuel removes nutrients. To complete the natural cycle, nutrients that remain in the ash from the burnt biomass should be returned to the forest. Askungen Vital AB serves as the link between energy producers and forestry, managing the entire chain from ash output until the carefully analyzed ashes are spread.

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Lead-cooled minireactors recycle fuel

LeadCold is a research company that develops the fuel-efficient and secure nuclear power solutions of the future. Thanks to new investments and a revolutionary aluminum-alloyed steel, the company is now taking steps to construct a lead-cooled demonstration reactor in the Canadian Arctic.

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Ethical and sustainable asset management

The asset managing firm Proethos makes investments in companies that contribute to better environment, act ethically and take social responsibility. The firm's conviction is that sustainable products and services is what will bring the best rate of return in the future.

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Rainwear from recycled materials

Tretorn and Naturkompaniet launch a collection of rainwear made from recycled waste materials. Another collection will be launched in spring, made from recycled fishnets once drifting in the ocean.

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The world’s first Svanen jeans

For garments, the Swan Ecolabel requires that the entire product lifecycle fulfills strict requirements - from the cotton field to the recycling. The Swedish fashion brand Velour by Nostalgi now presents the world's first jeans to carry the Swan Ecolabel.

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Natural filter media for phosphorus recovery

Phosphorus leakage causes eutrophication. Ecofiltration Nordic develops silicate based filters that capture phosphorus from sewage water and runoff from farmland, so it can be returned to productive land. The material can also be used to restore eutrophic waters.

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A prestigious environmental award for Energy Opticon

Planning the energy production in district heating networks is a challenging task. Weather, consumption forecasting and market fluctuations - there are many variables to consider. Energy Opticon from Lund, Sweden, has developed a prize-winning software solution that automatically optimizes the management of the facilities.

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Sealing stops methane gas from leaking

Methane leaking from natural gas pipelines is a huge problem. NextSeal's sealing technology can reduce leakage by 95 percent, thanks to a revolutionary approach of counterbalancing the pressure.

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Oil out of waste

Cassandra Oil's thermal reactors extract oil from waste containing hydrocarbons. Tires, plastic and oil-polluted water can be used as feedstock, with little need for sorting. This saves natural resources and contributes to the circular economy.

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The Swedish project Advantage Environment provides information about existing and future products designed to reduce environmental impacts.

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