”We are a climate improving company in every sense of the word. Our waterborne heating and cooling systems create a pleasant indoor climate, but they also mitigate climate change through efficient use of energy and resources. Our underfloor heating panels are among the thinnest available, and they emit heat very efficiently”, says Annelie Norrbom, CEO at Flooré AB.

floore1Europe outside of Sweden accounts for more than half of floor heating company Flooré’s sales. Customers in Italy and France have begun to use the floor heating panels for wall and ceiling installations as well, and Flooré has turned into a supplier of climate systems.

Patented floor heating

The patented floor heating system originates from a 1990 development project at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. The objective was to create a market-leading, uncomplicated system, easily installed over most existing floors.

”The concept is based on thin panels made of high density polystyrene covered with aluminium foil. The panels have  carved channels where the water bearing pipes are inserted. This design makes it possible to lay the flooring material directly on top of the panels. The panels emit heat more quickly and efficiently than traditional embedded systems because the distance between the pipe and floor surface is shorter and have lower thermal mass. Our thinnest system has a building height of only 13 mm”, Annelie Norrbom explains.

”Dry underfloor heating systems are generally more expensive to install in new builds than embedded systems. But over the building’s economic life of 60 years, the economic and environmental benefits of a dry system makes it the better choice”, says Annelie.

New scopes of use

Flooré has always been considered a floor heating company, but the panels can also be mounted to the walls or to the ceiling – a practice becoming common in other European countries. According to the laws of physics, hot air rises. Nevertheless, because of the air flows in the room, ceiling based heating will still result in a pleasant climate. It works especially well in modern buildings with good insulation.

floore2”The water circulated in the pipes can be cooled just as well as heated. It was our partners in France and Italy that realized that the same light-weight system can be used to provide both heating and cooling. There are Swedish examples as well where the Flooré system is used for cooling. The company Aquavilla builds floating homes with large glass surfaces; our system is an excellent way to bring the indoor temperature down on hot summer days”, Annelie says.

A social commitment

”We are choosing to engage in the “Vi kan” (We Can) network to strengthen the link between job seekers and the employment market. Long-term and sustainable efforts are important and it has never been more important to provide working life experience to the unemployed. We are proud to contribute, and it also gives our company a strong recruitment base”, Annelie Norrbom says.

The Torpshammar based company will among other things provide trainee posts and study visits. In cooperation with the “Hela vägen” (All the Way) network, 830 people in the Västernorrland region will be offered a chance to approach the employment market.

The article was published in March 2016.