Our food has both direct and indirect impacts on the environment when it is produced and transported. The environment is affected by retail operations and by waste generated in the consumer chain. A great deal is happening in the environmental area in the food industry. Production, packaging and transportation all have significant environmental impacts.

Organic products and environmental labelling

Originally, all food grown for human consumption was organic. Over time, much of the ”organic” element has disappeared and been replaced by other production methods, some of which have a negative impact on the environment. Consumer interest in organic products has, however, increased significantly, and many food producers and retailers are modifying their ranges in response. ICA is adopting...

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Natural way to keep bread fresh

Njallan, the storehouse used by the Same, is one example of how, in the north of Sweden, cold has been used for centuries to keep food fresh. The Same tradition of freezing food to prevent attacks by micro-organisms and deterioration while, at the same time, preserving nutrients, has lived on and been developed further. Deep-freezing is now a natural...

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Satellite controlled agricultural machines create environmental benefits

Automatic milking using robotics was introduced in the late 1990s, and is now used by just under four percent of Sweden’s milk producers. The cattle roam free and seek out the robot when it is time to be milked. They are also fed at the same time. Technical development in agriculture is moving quickly in other areas as well....

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Lunch sandwich in recyclable packaging

In Britain, the triangular sandwich is a classic form of lunch. Customers want to see what the sandwich looks like in the shop, and the packaging must meet food hygiene standards. For many years, sandwiches have been presented in plastic packaging. But this is now about to change. Marks & Spencer, in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University and the...

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Sustainable packaging materials

Single-use products and packaging are used throughout society. We expect them to be durable and protect other products, e.g. food. The most common plastic and paper materials have many benefits, but they make up a significant proportion of the waste we generate. Ecolean has developed ecologically-sustainable food packaging. The company is replacing as much as possible of the original,...

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The Swedish project Advantage Environment provides information about existing and future products designed to reduce environmental impacts.

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