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For years, environmental thinking has been an integrated element of the business concept at some of the the world's most successful companies. Advantage Environment covers products and services offered by forward-thinking Swedish companies that recognize the value of sustainability for corporate image, employee loyalty and – not least – the bottom line. Most of the articles on the site look at existing solutions available on the market today, but in this section we allow ourselves to pull back the curtain and look toward tomorrow's breakthroughs. Welcome!

Energy Harvesting – recycling waste energy

Energy Harvesting involves utilizing low-grade energy that would otherwise go to waste, mainly to power electronics with low power requirements. It provides an environmental benefit by doing more useful work with the energy we already produce. There are many applications where it is advantageous to not have batteries or wiring – everything from ground sensors to body implants. Innovations...

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More efficient use of resources in agriculture

Precision agriculture is about efficient utilization of resources adapted to local conditions in growing fields. With modern technology, one can at a geographical level of precision collect and coordinate detailed information on environmental factors and nutritional status. This information makes it possible for farmers to make informed decisions, which saves resources and reduces nutrient leaching. Precision agriculture is a...

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Lightweight materials permit smarter transport

The transport sector accounts for a significant environmental impact, both when it comes to greenhouse gases and the release of substances such as sulphur. At the same time, the need for efficient transport in an increasingly globalized world has never been bigger. Fortunately, there are technologies that can significantly reduce the transport sector’s environmental impact. New lightweight materials have...

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The future of fish farming

Seafood is an important part of global food production, but also a resource that has long been treated negligently. Catches from the sea, lakes and rivers have levelled off, while fish and shellfish farming has become more expansive. In the future, we need more aquaculture – but with less environmental impact. Cultivation in closed ecosystems can eliminate leaching of...

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Ångström Lab

The Ångström Laboratory is developing future energy solutions. Advantage Environment is visiting the Ångström Laboratory whose research contributed to the development of wave power at Sebased, Boston Power’s green batteries and Electroengine’s electric...

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Geothermal energy is getting hotter

Improved technology can lead to better use of the energy stored in the Earth. Geothermal energy can be used for the continuous production of heat and electricity and thus can serve as a reliable source of power. Having previously been reserved for certain geologically favourable areas geothermal energy is on the way to becoming an alternative source of energy...

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Artificial photosynthesis

As energy demand grows it becomes increasingly important to be free from fossil fuels. As it is now, more energy is produced from renewable sources, but the challenge is to meet the transport sector’s specific requirements for storability. Maybe the solution is to transform solar energy directly into fuel, without detouring past oil and biofuel and by mimicking a...

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A blooming desert

By using available and abundant resources, one can make sensitive ecosystems greener and more productive. Innovative methods and solutions can turn profits in the world’s most deprived areas. Extreme deserts cover over a third of the Earth’s land area. They are harsh and unpredictable environments, where the lack and uneven availability of water makes it difficult or impossible to...

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Water power, a future source of energy?

Harnessing the powerful streams of water present in the oceans to produce energy is a very attractive idea. This energy source is extensive and available around the world. Water streams are not only renewable, but also a reliable force of nature that can continuously produce energy. To tame the power of water is a challenge, both when it comes...

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Future TV:s may be more economical

After sleep and work, TV viewing is what Swedes do most. A study funded by the Swedish Energy Agency shows that a majority of households have two or more TVs at home, while almost everyone has at least one. TVs use about five percent of the household electricity in Sweden. Another 14 percent is used to operate computers and...

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The Swedish project Advantage Environment provides information about existing and future products designed to reduce environmental impacts.

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