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For years, environmental thinking has been an integrated element of the business concept at some of the the world's most successful companies. Advantage Environment covers products and services offered by forward-thinking Swedish companies that recognize the value of sustainability for corporate image, employee loyalty and – not least – the bottom line. Most of the articles on the site look at existing solutions available on the market today, but in this section we allow ourselves to pull back the curtain and look toward tomorrow's breakthroughs. Welcome!

Industrialization at home. Rise of the 3D printer

Socio-economic development is often described as a journey from an agricultural-based economy through industrialization to a service society. There is some truth to this: around the previous turn of the century a clear majority of Swedes worked in agriculture. Today, only a small percentage of Swedes work with agriculture, which was a growing industry up until 1960. Today, the...

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More Shipping, Less Impact

International shipping is a crucial part of the world’s economic circulatory system, accounting for more than 80 percent of global freight transportation. While shipping remains the most energy-efficient means of transporting large quantities of goods, the sector has serious environmental problems to tackle. Maritime transport accounts for 3 percent of global carbon emissions, and those are expected to double...

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Generation shift in nuclear power

In 1932, the English physicist James Chadwick discovered the neutron, a particle in the atomic nucleus that lacks an electrical charge. In combination with other research into the relationship between mass and energy, this discovery laid the theoretical foundations for nuclear power. In simple terms the latter could be described as the splitting of large atoms, usually uranium, through...

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Tomorrow’s planes run on algae

Just over two per cent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions come from the aviation industry. Intensive efforts are currently being made to reduce that proportion. Research into eco-friendly biofuels is a cornerstone of these efforts. The most common fuel in commercial jet aircraft is Jet A1. It’s similar to everyday diesel fuel but is adapted to cope with...

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Emission-free coal-fired power generation?

According to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency industry in that country is responsible for 23 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions. If you add the generation of heat and electricity the proportion becomes 36 per cent. The transport sector is responsible for an even greater proportion, but industry and business have important parts to play in the struggle against...

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The Swedish project Advantage Environment provides information about existing and future products designed to reduce environmental impacts.

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