Environmental advantage – in Sweden and worldwide

Sweden is reducing its emissions. Investments in new, better technology is making production greener and more efficient. Still, Sweden is a small country. To make a real difference, our cleantech solutions have to reach countries where energy consumption is higher and industry less...

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Swedish products and smart innovation improves the environment

The project Advantage Environment showcases existing and future products, each promising a reduced environmental impact compared to technologies they replace. More than 250 feature articles and a number of videos tell an ongoing story of how greener products and smart innovations provide job opportunities in Sweden and improve the environment everywhere. This video features representatives of LKAB, Ludvig Svensson,...

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Eco-textiles – In fashion

TEKO, the Swedish Textile and Clothing Industries Association, is no stranger to challenge and change. ”We work with environmental issues in many different ways. From being a side issue ten years ago, it is now a key issue for Swedish companies. ” The industry’s ambition to develop new, environmentally efficient textile products has a great potential – not least...

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Open District Heating

One of the laws of physics is that energy, in the form of heat, can never be destroyed. Pionen, a Stockholm server farm, houses thousands of servers that constantly generate heat. Owned and operated by Internet company Bahnhof, Pionen now recycles and sells this waste heat to the local district heating network run by the Fortum utility. In so...

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Green chemistry for a sustainable society

Chemistry is the study of material composition, properties, structure and reactions of different substances with each other. Upon reflection, one realizes that everything around us is chemistry. Chemistry is also central to achieving a sustainable society in the future. It is something that five chemical companies in Stenungssund seized on and under the slogan “Sustainable Chemistry 2030” they are...

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Climate and resource-efficient iron making

Demand for steel is increasing and many environmentally friendly applications such as wind turbines and railways require steel. Swedish iron is at the forefront in terms of both mining and recycling. Environmental Benefits are visiting Hofors, where the company ScanArc Plasma Technologies represents a technological leap in iron, which could ultimately halve carbon emissions. Today it is used mostly...

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Swedish companies want to make their vehicle fleet fossil-free.

Internationally, Sweden has tough climate goals. By 2030, Sweden wants a fossil-free fleet of trucks. The transport industry is facing tough challenges that require quick solutions and trials to develop new ideas. Some examples include Vattenfall that is working with infrastructure and charging stations, and Electroengine that is working with battery technology where high capacity and durability are of...

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Low-tech can also be environmentally beneficial

Environmental benefits often come through hi-tech solutions and excellence, but they can also come from surprisingly simple techniques. The Sundsvall hospital is cooled with an energy saving of 95% compared to traditional systems. Solvatten purifies water in developing countries, providing both environmental, health and economic benefits. Longopacs seemingly simple garbage bags generate 11 times less carbon emissions. These three...

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Advantage Environment

Swedish consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and companies that are meeting these demands are the future winners. Swedish companies are the best in the world with the environment. About this we want to describe the project Advantage...

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The Swedish project Advantage Environment provides information about existing and future products designed to reduce environmental impacts.

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