“We are innovators, not imitators. We want to be first,” states Håkan Thysell, founder and principal owner of HTC Sweden. One of the company’s most successful products – Twister roundabouts – has revolutionized the cleaning industry and is one of Thysells’ inventions.

“I probably tried a hundred different solutions when I finally found out how to design the product. It happened one night in 2005, and the day after I was able to test my idea of floor cleaning without chemicals,” says Thysell. The innovation behind HTC’s growth and profitability is today used by many of the world’s largest flooring contractors and concrete producers. HTC Superfloor ™ is currently the only standardized method for grinding and polishing concrete floors.

Twister roundabout

The cleaning of factory floors and commercial spaces typically entails the use of various kinds of chemical products. Much has improved in terms of the health and environmental as many companies and public sector entities aim to reduce their use of chemicals.

Thysell’s innovation, called Twister ™, is a cleaning system consisting of floor pads consisting of billions of microscopic diamonds. The combination of the soft floor maintenance pad and diamond, the hardness and sharpness, create a cleaning product that follows the floor’s structure and effectively removes dirt, while the surface is polished. The pad sits in a conventional cleaning machine but instead of chemicals, water is used.

There are several types of Twister ™ pads with different diamond sizes – bigger diamonds for deep cleaning and smaller diamonds for daily cleaning and polishing. Pads can be used on most common floors such as terrazzo, tile, linoleum, vinyl, plastic, rubber, stone and concrete. On average, about 30,000 m2 of floor space can be cleaned before it is time to replace the pads.

The Twister ™ cleaning method is used around the world. The ISS, one of the world’s largest suppliers of cleaning services, uses Twister ™ pads to clean 30 Swedish hospitals, the Louvre Museum in Paris, the British Parliament Building in London and a number of international airports.

HTC highlights:

  • Reduced environmental impact by using water instead of chemicals.
  • Reduced risk of allergies and problems with dry skin for the cleaning staff.
  • Reduced total cost of cleaning. This includes lower chemical costs and lower maintenance costs of cleaning machines.
  • The Twister ™ Pad is made from recycled PET plastic.

Polished concrete

Concrete floors are very common in industrial environments and in public spaces. HTC’s methods to grind and polish these floors have been widely used. The HTC Superfloor ™ is used to grind and polish concrete floors. The method treats the concrete surface by machining and removes the top layer of cement slurry, exposing the underlying and more durable concrete. The surface is then sanded and polished with HTC’s machines and diamond tools. The floor is cleaned and maintained with Twister™ and no epoxy coating or paint is needed. This provides environmental benefits with respect to climate change and other factors.

Environmentally friendly road maintenance

“One product area that is very interesting for us is road maintenance,” says Lars Landin, president of HTC Sweden. “Asphalt roads wear and tear and particles from the road surface and the tires are spread in the air. With our technology, roads could be maintained in a different way and the result could reduce noise, the emission of small particles in the air and reduced fuel consumption vehicles. We see this as a world where we have to interact with other players to achieve success.”

The article was published in November 2012