Many companies have adopted a proactive approach to the environment, with the aim of utilizing natural resources more efficiently and reducing the environmental impact of production processes, transportation and products. From green chemistry to nanotechnology, any number of fields present opportunities for dramatic environmental improvements.

Combination Transport Helps Brewer Cut Emissions

A combined truck/rail transportation solution helps the Swedish beverage maker Spendrups cut carbon dioxide emissions by hundreds of tons of each year. The aluminum cans in which Spendrups sells its drinks are produced near Malmö in the far south of the country, and then transported to breweries in Vårby and Grängesberg, each about 600 kilometers away. Until recently, insufficient...

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Intelligent Ventilation

About 15 years ago, Herman Lindborg decided he was tired of the noisy, drafty ventilation systems that produced uneven room temperatures in his laboratory at Lund University in southern Sweden. Inspecting the system, Lindborg realized that the biggest problem was the air diffuser—an essential component of the ventilation system that circulates fresh air into a room and removes stale...

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Biofuels opening new markets for heat exchangers

Sweden’s Alfa Laval, founded more than 125 years ago by Gustaf De Laval, the inventor of the centrifugal milk separator, has grown into a leading global producer of equipment for heating, cooling, separating and transporting a wide variety of products, from oil and chemicals to foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals. Now the boom in biofuels is opening new markets for the...

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A Vertical Windmill

Turbines with blades that revolve on a vertical rather than horizontal axis can improve the efficiency of clean wind generators, according to the Swedish manufacturer Vertical Wind. Based in the university town of Uppsala, north of Stockholm, Vertical Wind aims to become the nation’s first exporter of wind power generators. The Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, or VWAT, is not...

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Fluid Filtering Improves Shop Efficiency

Recent years have seen considerable progress on lessening the environmental impacts of metalworking shops, specifically from the hazardous mix of cutting fluid and metal shavings that’s a byproduct of lathing, grinding and cutting machines. Sweden’s Mercatus is a leader in systems that continuously filter cutting fluid and compress waste metal particles into briquettes for recycling. The company says it...

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An Electric Hybrid for Forestry

Hear the term “forwarder” and you might think of a company that handles freight shipments. But in forestry, a forwarder is tractor-like machine that transports raw timber from the felling site out to a road for collection by a truck. It’s a critical element of the highly mechanized and efficient forest products industry found throughout Scandinavia. The Swedish company...

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Fume Extraction for a Cleaner Workplace Environment

Air pollution is a problem indoors as well as out. In the workplace, it might be welding gases, engine exhaust in a repair shop, fumes from quick-starting emergency-response vehicles or the oily fog from cutting fluids in a mechanical workshop. The Swedish company Nederman offers solutions to indoor air pollution and much more. Indoor environmental regulations get tougher by...

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Swedish Biogas Technology Online in S. Korea

In a pollution-reduction trifecta that promises to stand as a model for other alternative energy projects in Asia, the Swedish company Scandinavian Biogas Fuels has begun operation of a new plant in South Korea that will convert sewage and food wastes into fuel for industrial processes. SBF says the plant, located in the industrial port city of Ulsan, will...

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Breathing New Life into Large Batteries

A unique new battery regeneration process known as Macbat Midi is giving a family-owned company from the Swedish province of Värmland visions of a potentially enormous international market. By giving new life to aging lead-acid batteries, Macbat cuts lead waste and saves energy. Macbat founder Åke Johansson bought the patent for the process, which is based on a combination...

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Innovative Software for Greener Computers

Green IT is often associated with making more energy efficient computers and TVs, removing environmentally hazardous components, and properly handling junked electronics. From an environmental standpoint, software doesn’t get the same attention as hardware. But innovative applications can cut down requirements for processing power and memory consumption, reducing energy consumption and increasing information storage capacity. Oricane AB, based in...

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The Swedish project Advantage Environment provides information about existing and future products designed to reduce environmental impacts.

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